Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trials of Life...

Well Summer came....and it seems as though it went just as quick.....funny weather this year, that's for sure.
15 Days till my 32 birthday....man I feel old!  lol  I am heading for a shopping excursion with the girls though this month, should prove to be fun!

I have more soap to make but between the appointments and feeling like dog poop I son't feel like doing much.

Went to Sissiboo this last weekend, it was fun, friends came along, the river at night was amazing!  We did a bonfire and smores.

Getting things ready for the big Cancer Weekend, I just hope some of the family keeps in line and doesn't ruin what we are trying to do.  I will cross my fingers on this!

I got my 2 swaps finished and out before Canada Post goes on a longer strike.  I am awaiting for partners on the third!

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