Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh the tummy trouble

I am having serious tummy troubles, the pain meds are reeking havoc on my tummy and me in general.  I am not sleeping well with all the pain in my hips.

I was doing so good with the walking and not snacking and now I am trapped in my house, well not quite that bad, but can't walk far without pain and am back to trying to ward off the need to emotional eat.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not liking Zombie me

I hate hate hate feeling like a zombie and all done up on pain meds that make me groggy and feel like a zombie and barely able to keep my eyes open or carry on a cohesive thought.

I don't like that feeling at all!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

So the Verdict is in~ RIP Mazda!

The second car in less than a year is a write-off due to damage sustained from a rear-end collision.

I also have bursitis in my hips from it.  Doc says I was lucky to sustain the injury to my hips this time because he is not sure how much more impact my back can take!  :(

I took some pics of the car tonight, from a distance she looks ok, but the adjuster said she would be too much to fix :(  I am gonna miss her, I really liked this car :(

That is the brake line that blew off when I hit the brakes when she hit me

Where the brakeline blew off of, it left a huge puddle in the road.

Side that received the most damage, the frame is twisted under there

Another view


Back bumper, luckily it is plastic

back of the car again

the other side for comparison

Under my car where frame is twisted

another shot

broken brake line again

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The waiting game sucks!

The waiting game sucks!  I was rear-ended again last Friday, Mar 18/11.  I was stopped at the lights at Lovett Rd and Hwy 1 and a young girl who was in an apparent hurry ran into me.  When I got out, I freaked, this was the second time ins less than a year I have been rear ended, last time was July 27, 2010.

That time I was hit by a 5 ton truck, garbage truck to be exact.  I was stopped at a crosswalk for a pedestrian and he hit me because he was not paying attention, was talking on his phone.  The poor car was written off.

We have only had the new car since September :(  I don't have pics from this crash, most of the damage was to the bumper, the side panel and the side frame :(

I am now awaiting word on what they are doing with the car, I don't really want to have to shop for yet another car!  I am getting tired of doing so.  We just replaced the clutch, front brakes, sway bar links and struts, it makes me angry.

The young girl told me she was late for work and not paying attention.

I think I may be suffering from PTSD from these crashes, when she hit me, all I saw was the truck ramming my trunk into my backseat.  When I was hit by the truck, I was alone, this time I was with my mother, sister and a 3 yr old boy my sister babysits.

I kept thinking, oh no, he is gonna get hurt.

I will tell you I was curt with the girl, I also feel I had a right to be.  She was in the wrong, not me!

The first crash re injured my back and put me back into physio, it also gave me post traumatic vertigo which may end up being permanent at night.  I am horrible in the dark, I get all turned around.  It used to be that bad in the day time too, except I retrained myself during daylight hours, harder to do during the dark hours.

This time, when she hit me, I was stopped, so when the car moved I rammed the brakes, it blew the brake lines off the car and even off the reservoir under the hood.  I have sore hips from the impact.  It all pisses me off because I was just starting to feel normal, well as normal as I can with the other issues and *BOOM*, it happens all over again!

I am off to the doc tomorrow to see what he has to say about my hips, it hurts in the hip joints :(

Did I mention we need to replace another car seat, actually the one I already replaced last fall from the other crash!  :(  The cop who showed up was a cocky fellow and he said it was fine, insurance says we have to replace it!

I have to wait and see the damage on the car, if it is over $1000 I have to go file a police report.  Like I need to do more paperwork!~

I would like to know who I pissed off to be in such hot water with Karma!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Swap Goodies

I just received an amazing swap package from a gal on Crafster!

This is the whole Lot!

Amazing journal

Gotta have chocolate

Exploded view of the loot!

Celebrating Ostara

Happy Spring!

Last night during the Super Moon, we celebrated Ostara!

Ritual Supplies

 Table Centerpiece

Beautiful Wooden painted Garland sent to me in a swap

Altar Table, Cloth from a swap as well as the altar tile

Another View

All pics of the Super Moon from last night

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Can finally see the sun!

We are supposed to have a beautiful weekend with both days above "0".  I hope some of the remaining white stuff goes too!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Busy as a bee. planing gardens and the like...

How to make biodegradable starter pots

I am so stoked for planting season, I cannot wait for the snow to go.

I have been crafting too, garden stuffs!

Seeds in the seed safe

Gardening gear

Veggie Labels

Seed Journal

Gardening Soap
Seed Safe

Gardening Apron

Second Seed Safe I made

Second Gardening apron Imade