Thursday, March 24, 2011

So the Verdict is in~ RIP Mazda!

The second car in less than a year is a write-off due to damage sustained from a rear-end collision.

I also have bursitis in my hips from it.  Doc says I was lucky to sustain the injury to my hips this time because he is not sure how much more impact my back can take!  :(

I took some pics of the car tonight, from a distance she looks ok, but the adjuster said she would be too much to fix :(  I am gonna miss her, I really liked this car :(

That is the brake line that blew off when I hit the brakes when she hit me

Where the brakeline blew off of, it left a huge puddle in the road.

Side that received the most damage, the frame is twisted under there

Another view


Back bumper, luckily it is plastic

back of the car again

the other side for comparison

Under my car where frame is twisted

another shot

broken brake line again

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